Oregon Trail Online

Developed by MECC back in 1990
There are many games that spark a wave of nostalgia in gamers who are in their 30’s and 20’s, The Oregon Trail Game is a classical adventure game where players face various trials and tribulations while traveling to make it from east to west.
Oregon Trail Game Online

Oregon Trail was first released in the early 1970’s by Minnesota Educational Computing Consortium better known as MECC for short. The idea of the game was to teach school children about the trails, challenges, dangers and the life of pioneers in the 19th century. The goal of the game is to take a group of people all the way from Missouri to Oregon.

During the 70’s 80’s and even 90’s school kids loved playing this game and getting your turn to have a go was something that many kids looked forward to. Oregon Trail was a huge hit and would go onto become one of the biggest selling video games of all time. On interesting act about Oregon trail is that it was pretty much released on every computer that was capable of playing it.

Oregon Trail Game Online

For the time, Oregon Trail offered players a whole lot to do. To start with you had to name the four people in your party which makes you more attached to them. You would then have to decide what supplies to purchase. These range from food, ammo, wagon parts, clothes and so on. Oregon Trail is one of those games that has a lot of trial and error and the more you play it the more you know what supplies are best to start you off with.

As you make your way to Oregon you will be faced with many challenges like those old pioneers were in the 19th century. You will have to face river crossings and decide what the best way across is. Deal with going the wrong way and severe weather conditions and most famously of all you will have to deal with members of your party getting sick and dying!

There is also a shooting section where you can take down animals that you can use to trade with or for your own benefit on your journey. When you come to a town you can stop and talk to people, make trades, buy stuff and so on. The idea is to get to the end of the game with as many party members as possible and have the high score. Getting to the end of the game with all four party members still alive is quite the challenge.

Oregon Trail Game Online

Saying that Oregon Trail has had a bit of a comeback the last decade feels a bit odd as there are many schools that still have the game. Many kids learned about the game thanks to YouTube and it still being a part of popular culture. For example, Teen Titans Go did a whole episode based on the Oregon Trail. Oregon Trail has been released many times and famously has been turned into the zombie-themed, Organ Trail which is a lot of fun.

You can now easily play Oregon Trail online on your computer or smartphone and there are even dedicated Oregon Trail handheld devices out there that have proven to be popular.

While Oregon Trail is a game that a lot of people have strong nostalgic feelings for. It is important to note that as an actual game, Oregon Trail is fun and the guys at MECC did a fantastic job on this game that many people still enjoy to this day.